Powered T-bar

The T-Bar system is a very cost effective means of off-loading an entire load of pallets from within a vehicle as one complete unit. A single track of duplex chain is fitted down the center of the vehicle; the T-Bar puller bar attached to the chain pulls the load out of the vehicle and onto an unloading dock or conveyor system. When used in conjunction with the Rollerbed Systems pneumatic roller track, the T-Bar will off-load a 53 foot trailer in less than two minutes. Our T-Bar system is versatile and designed so that forklifts can be driven into the vehicle for loading purposes; when the rollers are in the down position. By cutting down on the turnaround time the vehicle is quickly made ready for further trips, far sooner than by manually off-loading with a  conventional forklift truck. The result is greater efficiency and better utilization of the fleet. Off-loading a trailer using the T-Bar system reduces forklift traffic in the dock area and makes the dock area a much safer environment; the load can be discharged directly on to a dock mounted conveyor system. By using the Rollerbed Systems T-Bar and pneumatic roller track the trailer becomes an integral part of a fully automated production or storage system. By eliminating the need for forklift trucks to enter the vehicle body for off-loading, trailer floor damage is significantly reduced with the associated cost reduction in maintenance and floor replacement. The high cost of multiple forklift truck usage is reduced and the safety aspect in the unloading area is significantly improved. The T-Bar system provides a very cost effective means of unloading a trailer of unitized loads.