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About Us

Who we are

Rollerbed Systems LLC has been established to provide rollerbed and associated vehicle loading systems to the industry at realistic and cost effective prices. We have a vast amount of experience in automated vehicle loading technology related to the airfreight and dry freight industries. We specialize in the design and supply of systems for “just in time” delivery and use this expertise effectively with the latest internet and management systems technologies available to provide you with “state of the art” products and service.

Where we are

The company headquarters is located in eastern PA and is equipped with “state of the art” tooling, including CNC controlled manufacturing machinery for the production and assembly of roller track and associated loading docks. Rollerbed Systems has convenient sales centers located near the east and west coasts covering the USA, Mexico and Canada: international sales are accommodated through our corporate office. Rollerbed Systems can readily accommodate installation of vehicle mounted systems and is equipped to design and fabricate loading docks and other industry related systems.  Upon fabrication, we will ship, install, test and commission your system to assure that it meets your customized needs. Rollerbed Systems is capable of engineering and manufacturing systems that are efficient and durable.

What we do

Rollerbed Systems LLC is the foremost US manufacturer of pneumatic roller track using locally manufactured airfreight rollers and control boxes, and is headquartered in Eastern Pennsylvania.  We design and supply quality airfreight loading systems, as well as powered and non-powered loading and off-loading systems for general palletized goods.