Powered Roller

Powered Cargo Rollers

The Rollerbed Systems Powered Cargo Roller unit is a self-contained electrically powered polyurethane covered drive roller. Normally driven by the vehicle onboard electrical system of 12 or 24 volts DC, the roller is raised against the underside of the load by low-pressure air. When used in conjunction with the Rollerbed Systems pneumatic roller track the electrical motor within the roller is capable of providing 600lbs of tangential force, enough to move the heaviest of air cargo pallets. 

Originally designed to safely move aircraft pallets into and out of vehicles, the precise action and means of control  allow the roller to be used for a variety of purposes. The powered roller can be used on production and assembly lines, for the positioning of subassemblies or dedicated tooling. When integrated with a PLC control the combination provides a fully automatic and reliable drive system suitable for repetitive and unsupervised operations.