Pneumatic Roller Track

The principle of using air or hydraulics power to lift rollers for material handling was first developed during the 1970’s and has since been refined into a safe, simple and cost effective means of handling most heavy and large unitized loads for the transportation industry. 

Pneumatic roller track are live only when you want them to be, at the flick of a single lever or switch the rollers will lift allowing the safe and easy movement of even the heaviest of pallets. Once in the correct position deflate the airbags and the static load will sit safely and securely on the floor. When speed and safety are essential; we recommend that Rollerbed Systems pneumatically raised rollers be installed to your vehicle with a complimentary dock system installed at the dock or pallet assembly area. 

With many years of experience in the transport and logistics industry, Rollerbed Systems has developed its own pneumatic roller track incorporating the best features to increase safety, insure ease of installation and to reduce the basic system weight.  We can supply you with track modules with narrow or wide rollers, in a variety of pitches, and even ball rollers for omni-directional flow.  Rollerbed Systems pneumatic roller track is made in the USA.