Powered Slipchain

The Slipchain method of moving loads has simply taken the principle of the pneumatic roller track one logical step further. By applying the air lifting feature of the roller track to a chain conveyor a palletized load can now be moved under safe and convenient control to position it exactly where it is needed. An endless chain supported by a few pounds of air pressure can move tons of cargo.

The Rollerbed System Slipchain is both efficient and cost effective. Using a powerful 5 HP motor, reliable electronic controls and pendant the operator can simply and safely move loads of up to 60,000 pounds into or out of the vehicle. When coupled to an associated dock system, the slipchain system allows a 53’ trailer to be loaded or off-loaded in less than two minutes, without the use of a forklift. Mechanical push-pull controls located in a control box; act as a safety back up.