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205 Rear, West 6th Street, West Wyoming, PA 18644.
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Rollerbed Systems LLC


rollerbed systems llcRollerbed Systems LLC has been established to provide rollerbed and associated vehicle loading systems to the industry at realistic and cost effective prices. We have a vast amount of experience in automated vehicle loading technology related to the airfreight and dry freight industries.

We specialize in the design and supply of systems for “just in time” delivery and use this expertise effectively with the latest internet and management systems technologies available to provide you with “state of the art” products and service.

The company headquarters are located in eastern PA and are equipped with “state of the art” tooling, including CNC controlled manufacturing machinery for the production and assembly of roller track and loading docks.

Rollerbed Systems has convenient sales centers located near the east and west coast covering the USA, Mexico and Canada: international sales are accommodated through their European office. Rollerbed Systems can readily accommodate installation of vehicle mounted systems and is equipped to fabricate Loading Docks and other industry related systems. 

Upon fabrication, we will ship, install, test and commission your system to assure that it meets your customized needs. Rollerbed Systems is capable of engineering and manufacturing systems that are efficient and durable.

What we do!

rollerbed systems llcPneumatic Roller Track, Slipchain Conveyors and Powered Cargo Rollers are the main methods for moving manufactured goods or bulk cargo on wood or plastic pallets within heavy duty vans, trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles, warehouses or manufacturing sites.

Rollerbed Systems LLC is the foremost US manufacturer of pneumatic roller track using locally manufactured airfreight rollers and control boxes, and is headquartered in Eastern Pennsylvania.

rollerbed systems llcWe design and supply quality airfreight loading systems, as well as powered and non-powered loading and offloading systems for general palletized goods.

Pneumatic roller track has long been used to convey air cargo pallets and airfreight containers in the airfreight industry. In order to introduce an even greater degree of safety and efficiency the Powered Cargo Roller has been added to our aircargo loading systems. This aircargo roller reduces manual labor required for maneuvering air cargo pallets and cargo containers in vehicle and ground handling systems.

rollerbed systems llcThe “Just in time” logistics principle demands the rapid, safe and efficient movement of pallets and slip sheets. The Rollerbed Systems’ Slipchain conveyor is designed to move full loads from the loading dock into a vehicle within as little as 90 seconds.

Once at the receiving dock, the driver can reverse the operation and offload the vehicle with the use of a two button pendant or control box. No forklift is used in the load or offload operation, complete loads be moved as one unit.

rollerbed systems llcThe Rollerbed Systems’ Slipchain System has been successfully integrated into all types of manufacturing and logistics operations; warehouses, beverage can, bottle and automotive assembly lines and cereal manufactures.

Rollerbed Systems LLC specializes in designing and specifying the best possible equipment for loading and conveying systems and look forward to serving your material handling needs.

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